vintage vogue

vogue_may_1975vogue-paris-aout-1979vogue-paris-juin-juillet-1976vogue-paris-novembre-1979How cool are these??? That’s why I hate on Vogue now..the covers are so blah…..oh and yes, that’s a young Janice Dickinson..before all the crazy..


6 Responses to “vintage vogue”

  1. That’s Jerry Hall in the swimmers cap and phone.

    • Finally a response! Hope your not a bot Cause I swear this era is the best!!

      • No, I’m not a bot, although sometimes, hmm, well no, I think I’d rather be human. I was googling Janice Dickinson young and saw this pic and thought, wait just a minute, that’s Jerry Hall.

  2. And only the bottom photo is Janice. Are you sure you’re not a bot LOL!

  3. ha ha. No. Yeah, that is Janice, but whenever I see and hear her talk now on VH1, I find it hard to believe she was ever this beautiful and
    stunning. Yet she was. Sorry if the makes no sense.

    • It makes sense but only the bottom photo is Janice Dickinson. I don’t know the middle two models but the top model with bathing cap and phone is legendary Jerry Hall, the mother of Mick Jagger’s children.

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