sun in sagittarius artwork…

I did this version for the Sagittarius sign..She was one of my top favorites…Ruled by jupiter and known for being outgoing..I know little about the sun sign except my sister in-law is a sag. She is married to my brother who is a quiet homebody work at the office all day type of guy and she is the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! She is an outgoing, attractive, young spirited artist. She makes no apologies for her life, work, or mistakes. I appreciate those traits in her. As for the marriage…It’s still going strong after 16 years…The color scheme never quite worked out on this is a case where the outline works better on the shirt. Although I love her…the colors don’t do her justice.
any comments?


2 Responses to “sun in sagittarius artwork…”

  1. I like the colors, but maybe her hair would have looked nice brown,
    and her eyes blue.

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