My beloved Martin Margiela blazer………

I have had this blazer since 1992 and I love it…It’s the only article of clothing I have ever kept..except for a Margiela butcher wrap skirt I acquired around the same time…Even my wedding dress is safely tucked away in storage…Not my Margiela it has remained standing proudly in my closet for almost 20 years and it still looks fucking awesome! It’s like a homeowner instead of a renter… everything else eventually gets traded up for the better version. Not my Margiela. There is no better version. There really hasn’t been any period since ’92 where I couldn’t wear this and be totally” careless,” “cool” and “of the moment ” (okay, except maybe when I worked the Mayan theater on Salsa nights and wore shiny, glittery, satiny dresses..LOL!!) Although, I don’t wear the Margiela blazer now..I still need it in my closet ..I don’t know why..The mystery behind the designer? The craftsmanship? All the fond Memories of how my peers viewed me my when I rocked the shit out of this? I don’ think I’ll ever know…but i know I’ll never ever part with it.


2 Responses to “My beloved Martin Margiela blazer………”

  1. Wow!

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