tminx loves tarot

I love this deck. It’s “Based on the Esoteric Workings of the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn” by Godfrey Dowson. It feels a’s definitely on the “Alchemy” and “Magic” side of tarot and astrology as opposed to Klimt where it feels more like art…Thank goodness it’s put out by US game systems.. Please tell me what you think..


2 Responses to “tminx loves tarot”

  1. I would like to know if you or anyone know any info on Godfrey Dowson? I really like his estoteric, mysterious , super symbolic tarot. Astrology, Hermetic symbols, Golden Dawn, Kabbalah etc. He seems so mysterious to me. I love your illustrations of his deck.

    • Hi, I could not find much more info other than the drawing for this Hermetic Tarot deck were done between 1975 and 1977. I really love his deck too!
      The drawings are so intricate and amazing.

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