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While out looking for inspiration I came across two guys working on a mural in Silverlake….At the famed “Circus of Books” on Sunset and Sandborn. It’s a mini-landmark of sorts ( and sortedness…)”Triple A” and “Butcher” were midway into the piece when I came across them.I shot some photos but they don’t do the artwork justice. I hope to go back when the piece is finished to get the full story and a photo of Triple A. He was on the phone.

This is Butcher standing in front of the geometric blue piece he was working on. He’d been there for about an hour…


19 Responses to “Tminx -Out and About”

  1. That isn’t Butcher in the pic.

    • This was a couple years back and that’s what he said his name was.. I took it on face value..
      I don’t even think that piece is there anymore..
      It was Sunset and Sandborn.

    • Anna Marie Says:

      I’m looking to contact Butcher… I saw your post here and thought you might possibly have a way to do so.

    • So who is it Jason? Surely you are not saying that there is only one Butcher. I grew up here across the street is the Sanborn lot I see you are familiar with graffiti? What do you write?

      • Ok, for some reason this guy must be a fraud .. Cause Ive had a lot of people question his identity .

        This was taken years ago 2010 maybe ? 2011 and that piece is long gone.

        It was on the side of Circus of Books.
        I was just running errands and I stopped to talk to these guys.

      • Butcher AAA The Look Says:

        If you grew up there you would no Jason and I, and I am the only Butcher AAA, get your facts strait, real shit I think you o my brother an apology,this ain’t no 1991 tagbanging, you lived across the street in a parallel dimension or what? one thinck in the days and meg I know is it aint your hood to be running your fingers,
        btw.. fuck taggers sanborn is still The Look , L’s up,
        ask me what Jason writes in person and I will help you out to some free dental possibly orthodontic work, on the house

  2. @tminx I don’t doubt him and for the recors PRIME K2S is my husband he started the Sanborn lot in the 80s with other members of K2S I know every artist in the community including Steve Grody. I grew up a couple blocks down fro here. People are always going to have something to say if you have Facebook you are welcome to see I am not bullshit. Prime just curated the very 1st ever black book for a real museum called ”THE GETTY MUSEUM” here in LA I am very proud of him, As for this guy I can check but who did this mural in 5 minutes sorry took so long to write back but I really thought like most blogs it was left for dead I saw this again by accident! Oh P.S Yes I am a girl LOL

    • Butcher AAA The Look Says:

      Fuck Grody, sorry if your prime wife for my rudeness, tell him Butcher said what up,, but fuck Steve Grody

      • Prime Puma Says:

        I never knew you replied I just saw this lol do your “Butcher” you are the only ones who’s been able to dodge me …how? I’ll never know. ..Butcher wtf your from LMLS my sister is Green Eyes from the early 8os and Duke is my crimee but he got deported during the last fiasco in 2007 , Smiley is here he is clueless so I wont even ask him about you lol he’s Shaggy’s older brother also from that hood you must be friends with Peanut cause he’s the only other person who writes. HMU I hve to know you I’ve been in East Hollywood my whole life. Do you know Villain well? ”m also close with Triste but I’m sure you know what happen to him “he fucked up big time” but it’s about to be done within a few months anyway write back Miradero!

      • Prime Puma Says:

        Fucking Butcher do you mean the PUNK ROCK GANG LA MIRADA? My friend Heath just wrote a book about it I was talking about the 13 gang were all talking right now and no one knows you then it fucking hit me you mean the punk rock one they dont know about them but i do I know both this is where Im from so you know Slash and his brother Ash too?!!

  3. ^^^record not recors I suck at proof reading!

    • Butcher AAA The Look Says:

      I am OG Butcher AAA, The only, born and raised in the hood you now call hipste lake, grew up a block away from that mural I painted, that is my homie Pete from Gdubs standing in front of the wall, I am only half white.I was the brown cat on the phone,
      Triple A is my crew, thanks for the props though To the idiot who commented on whos Jason?? Jasons my older brother so what do you write loco?? … Where the fuck planet you been on the past 20-30 years, Big bad LM life, sunset & sanborns been LMLS sence 1979 last time I conciderd the facts, where the fuck you from smart ass?? But to the dude who posted this thank you for posting my work

      • Prime Puma Says:

        BUTCHER !! GOOD LORD BOY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU BECAUSE OF THIS!? I always try to make shit right if something is done wrong against anyone in the community, I’m Primes wife but he recently did a show with Chaz , Def, Retna, and OG Sleeps at the Plaza de la Raza I asked him about you (Prime) he said dude is OG and you know him he doesn’t ever talk about other people good or bad however what little he did say as you see was good lol. What happen with you and Grody? :O I never heard anyone say this in 30 years wow must be bad. Big question is where are you no ones heard from you ?.. I don’t blame you Primes low key as hell too. I myself do archiving and data processing for Library Of Congress so if you need any old pics of LA or info I’m almost a fully credited LA historian. But have benefits though like access to files I got about a year to go hit me up if you need any old pics of LA or lost gone places like I said I have clearance to get them Email me at (or better)
        no charge in case you’re thinking that lol same to the blogger! Glad you found your way here!

      • Prime Puma Says:

        Wait THAT’S MY HOOD OMG HELL NO OKAY WEEZE NEEDS TO TALK! LOL your from La Mirada Locos as in Hector Boxers gang? OR the Punk Gang? Both LM ironically and both same area which is weird but 79 I’m going with punk rockin’?

      • Prime Puma Says:

        Okay lastly Butcher learn to read cabron I said I didn’t doubt him so where the fuck I’ve been for the record is on Burns andale see what happens when people read shit wrong I am the one who said who’s Jason however I didn’t talk shit also again did say I didn’t doubt it and if you know the hood You know Joe G ”Joe Garza” that is my older brother he started LOD so L’s up homie and standing 😛 You and I can ”box it out” you know where blood alley is right? Ha ha people used to be so scared as fuck to even walk by there after King fucking Pez lives there now . I’m gonna beat you up Butcher and again I am a girl! :p talking crazy to me wow ain’t something

  4. Hello all! I wasn’t trying to start shit. I just know how my brother looks.

  5. Prime Puma Says:

    HA HA I could not get on here forever but yes I am Primes wife but I can’t load pics. However I wanna know WHAT happen with you and Steve Grody :O I never heard anyone say this in 30 years wow must be bad.

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