The Contradictions on having a Sexy Brand..and other musings that have bearing on my reputation.


blogpost1I just read an insightful post on Feminism from and it brought up a ton of uncomfortable contradictions within me and my brand…on one hand I do really enjoy looking a vintage girlie mags and taking inspiration from Penthouse and Playboy. Companies whose only reputation are exploiting women for male pleasures..intellectually I know this is bad yet sometimes it inspires me ..Is the power of the male patriarch so ingrained in me that I can’t even think for myself??? On the other hand, I equally love and appreciate images of women where they are fully clothed. Is the fact that I’m even in fashion and having a women’s business further enforcing these gender stereotypes??

Do I believe in Women’s rights? Of course I do? I believe a woman can be a president and that women
should have a super long maternity leave, I could go on with this list but, I’m hoping you get the point.

I do love my work, but it is not glamourous at all. Most days I spend in fabric warehouses, print houses, or digging through piles of filthy (no pun intended) stacks of papers. My work is really physical, driving a few hours, moving, steaming and setting up a 10 x 10 booth of t-shirts at times only to have people scoff at them is sometimes humiliating but it is always HARD not make-up wearing, high heeled wearing, “look at me” kind of work. I just don’t know what kind of reputation all these contradictions give me.


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