White Elephant Gift!

I got this book at an X-mas party last Saturday and I love it. I had never heard of “The Lonely Doll” before, apparently it was a popular childhood book. There are some creepy undertones to it. I can’t put my finger on how, but I feel like the photographer might have been into some dark shit.









3 Responses to “White Elephant Gift!”

  1. NotAPunkRocker Says:

    I remember that book! Does she cut her hair off in this one? I suddenly have the urge to find this now…

    • No, she puts her hair up in a top bun and gets in trouble for playing dress-up with the grown -up clothes, and getting lipstick everywhere.

    • Everyone else remembered the book except me, and we are all roughly the same age.. I totally would have remembered the slightly creepy undertones … Having said that, its a pretty cool book

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