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Tminx goes Dark for Spring ’14

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I’ve been working on new prints for Magic in Vegas next month.
The new graphics are gonna be 70’s based and darker.
I’ll be mixing 70’s Vintage Ads with Typography, Glamour, Sorcery and Seduction.
I’m hoping they are still fun and wearable.

I’ve been inspired by the 70’s film Daughters of Darkness. Check out some of the








Finally embedded video!!! Check this out!!! Especially band at end!

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A Few Top Fave Fashion Films or Why I started this blog…

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These are in no particular order nor do they encompass a whole era or spectrum of anything. There are thousands of great fashion moments in I just thought I’d start with those that come of the top of my head..that are in my collection the DVD images are mine but I pulled the others from the web. valleyofthedollsdvdth-3th-1th





William Klein

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I’ve desperately been trying to get some stills from this dvd series. It’s pretty amazing!Theres a whole segment on the commercials he’s filmed that’s fantastic.

Shelley Duvall

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I just saw Robert Altman’s “3 Women” on Blue Ray the other night. I’ve become smitten with Shelley Duvall. I was captivated by her role as Millie Lammoreaux in the film. There are some haunting murals in the film as well. An equally talented and captivation young Sissy Spacek has a co-starring role. More on her later.

Slightly creepy, sexy, campy fun!!

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My Favorite X-Mas Scene from a movie! Merry X-Mas!!

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