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Artwork that never made it to a tee!

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I bought some new sketches off Ebay…

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What do you think? The artist is a woman from the Ukraine…
I like the one the first one the best..It looks like someone I know.

T-minx still obsessed with Ebay!!!!!

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I bought these sketches done in the seventies by Marie Haeffner-Reeves for less than 10 bucks a piece. Can’t wait to frame them.

Tminx Collaboration!!! “Tminx x C3ativa”

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Our first Collaboration!! Tminx x C3ativa…This Summer tminx will be collaborating with an award winning graphic design studio in Catalonia Spain for a series of great designs…..It’s gonna be sic!!!!! More info to come…..

tminx and Pisces in color

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Here’s the Pisces sign in color. I always think of blues, greens and water when I think of this sign..It’s a pretty intense sign in some ways..I am a taurus and have at least 5 really really good friends who are all born on February 20th. Isn’t that totally weird???? They are all very different except for the fact I feel comfortable and at ease around them.

tminx graphics

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this was a graphic i never used..I still love it…but we’ve heard otherwise..

Tminx Hi-Jinx

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I had a minute where I wanted to mess around with spray cans and Tminx was gonna be this
Hard core street label….(Okay I confess..I may have been in the throes of mid-life crisis)
I put that aside and just decided to do a fantasy prototype for the Tminx
spray can…..I still think it looks cool and kind of like hair spray…DSC_0009